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Yeet yah

It’s pretty damn good my dudes. Some shades are a lil powdery, but you can just use the extra powder in place of cocaine and you're good to go.

Jeana, Thanks for the review! Although, we must say that they're definitely not recommended for your nose, let alone inside your brain!

I got my package only a few days after placing my order. Everything was so neatly and safely packaged. It really did feel like unwrapping a birthday gift. The quality of the shadows is great for me, it's very buildable, which is what I look for. I rather add on shadow than have put on too much at once. It blends like a dream. The brush in the Siennas palette is actually not trash. All in all, 5 out of 5!


This palette is AMAZING!!! Just finished uploading a tutorial on my channel @ jennilin go check it out! I am in love with this palette great pigmentation!!! I am glad I picked this baby up!!

Here is the link to my channel :)

Seriously, what's the catch

How can one get an amazing palate, with so many colors for $10.00? What's the catch? Will my eyelids fall off after a while? Is only the surface of the color super pigmented and the rest is Tinker Bell makeup? I'm so confused! Because... it is the best eye shadow I have ever run across, and I am a make-up hoarder, so I have a lot of options in my arsenal. I like it better than my new $59.00 Two Faced Chocolate Gold. Seriously.... I never thought I would say that, and I almost feel guilty... but its the truth. In addition, the eye shadow primer that comes with one of the palates (I can't remember which one) is so stinkin awesome, I hope they start selling it separately. I am not always the best at taking my makeup off at night, so when I wake up I have no shadow left, and eye liner smeared all over my face. But with this primer??? Even though everything else is a mess, my eye shadow still looks perfect.

I'm still trying to figure out the catch... :)

awesome palette!

I received this as a Christmas present and when I first saw this palette I was super excited about the shades. I love natural colors, they are my favorite to work with. I tried it out that same day and can honestly say i am extremely satisfied with the results. The shadows are really pigmented, even the super light shades. They go on nice on the eyes and blend out well. I actually used the brush that the palette came with and it actually felt like a high end brush. This palette is very good quality for the price you pay. I am someone who enjoys to splurge on high end eyeshadow palettes such as Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills but for ten bucks this is definetly comparable.


OMG I bought this randomly, after the first time I used it I immediately got rid of my other makeup pallet. The colors are perfect for school and super pigmented. I love the brush included. Such professional packaging. I've had mine for a month and it has been awesome! Wish I had discovered it sooner


I had seen your brand on the target website and never in store, so when i went on the target app yesterday and saw that your products were at my location i went in the very next day i was so excited i wanted to buy everything but i bought the Siennas palette and opened it as soon as i got home and i love it. The pigment is amazing and they are really nice colors and they are very smooth and blendable i am gonna get a lot of use out of this palette ! keep up the amazing work

Best Makeup on the Market

Absolutely love it. Goes on great and long lasting. Also, I have sensitive eyes, and this makeup does not bother me.

Really nice palette

I chose the siennas palette and I have to say the pigmentation is amazing and blends on the eyes beautifully you can get so many different looks from a simple daytime eye to a night time eye look the price is amazing profusion please don’t change the formula you did a great job with this palette thank you

blush & glow 2 (5 color blush & highlighter palette by Profusion)

This palette is absolutely gorgeous, goes on smoothly, & makes my skin look radiant! Love it & the price!

Oh're making me blush. (pun intended)
New favorite!

Online pictures do not do these pallets justice. Very pigmented, blend very easily and a little goes a long way. Will be ordering more of your color pallets this evening! Love love love!!
One con: the lip toppers doe foot applicator separated and it's down in the bottle. That applicator could use some reengineering but the collection as a whole is amazing!!

Absolutely pigmented

Its a beautiful pigmented makeup palette and the pink shades are actually blendable.
I made a video showing this look like the one in the
Hope you enjoy this palette the metallic colors are a super bright!

In LOVE With This Palette!

Just bought this from Target. I swatched a few of the colors and was blown away by the quality! The mattes are creamy and have excellent pigmentation. The colors blend so well together! I did have to wet the brush to pick up a little more of the shimmery shades but overall, I am super happy with this palette and know it will see a lot of use!

If you’re in doubt, seriously, just spend the $10. Works just as well as the high end palettes that sell for $45+.

Amazing Palette

I got my package yesterday and the shipping was fast I was very pleased,
I love the this Sienna Makeup palette, the color shade are aaahmaazzzing! Can't wait to do a video on this amazing Palette. Anyone who doesn't have this Palette I will suggest you to get a sienna palette!

Amazing colors, so many looks in one palette

I am so happy I found this brand!! The colors are very rich, the photos on the website don't do it justice. I bought a palette for each of my bridesmaids so they have EVERYTHING they need to get ready. I'm doing a "minimergency kit" but making it actual sized. What I wasn't expecting is this palette is HUGE!!! It comes with a whole ounce of product, very impressive. :) I'm going to order a palette for myself!


Lord profusion is getting better and better. The colors are gorgeous, stunning, pigmented, blends and the price even better


Got this to try out their liquid lips and i am so happy! I got the shade "Charm" which looks kind of orangy to me (not mauve taupe like the description) but its good for every day! The lip liner is retractable (!!!!!!!!) and the matte lipstick is thicc and creamy and super pigmented. The lip topper/gloss is really pretty even though im not a gloss girl, the applicator is a little brush thats a little stiff but I didnt mind it. since it does have little glitters you can kind of feel them (its kind of gritty if that makes any sense) if you put it on your bare lips, but it looks really pretty so Im not mad!!! for this price the lips to go set is totally worth it!

You could have worse brows

This brow kit is honestly the best. You could be lost on learning and think you will never be able to do, and this kit will blow your mind. It is so good, you could have no eye brows, and when you use this, you will, and they will look natural. Afraid to learn, i was too, and believe me- you will be pleasantly surprised and you will finally be able to have great brows!! Every item i have bought So far from this company its high quality, and i like the prices alot. If they changed the prices even alittle i wouldnt buy, but So far So Good. Well, maybe this kit, i would still ! Loving the quality they put in the products and the brushes are high quality also! Cant wait to order, now i found website ( purchased at target) - they are cruility free- and free shipping over 25! Cant beat, most places i dont order because of the threshold of 50 purchase for free shipping. Good job so far perfusion! Dont get careless, keep up good quality:)

Wonderful Blush choices

I was shopping for Christmas presents and saw these Profusion palettes at Target. I looked through them and had never heard of the brand before but they had a great price so I figured why not. I got home and started to play with them and fell in love. The blush palette has the perfect shades for whatever you are wanting to do. My favorites are the Bashful and Lush as I like just a tad bit of color on my cheeks. They are all perfectly pigmented and not much flyaway that I have noticed personally. I use it everyday and I actually look for more of their products in other places trying to find more to try. I would say if you are looking for a blush palette that is not expensive this is really the one you want..

Great coverage!!

Very nice coberage! Wouldn't be buying a MAC again!


This pallet was on my Christmas wish list. When I got it I was so excited! These colors are amazing super easy to blend. I wear glasses and I still get compliments on my eyeshadow. The colors really stand out even Pixie which is a super lovely light shimmering shade. Obsessed with this palette and all I got from Profusion this Holiday season.

Wow and wow again, especially for this price!

You won’t believe how great these are for the money. The palette is HUGE! These shadows are pigmented, creamy, blendable, and beautiful, and with a primer they have staying power. The shade Blitz makes for SUCH an amazing smokey eye! These shades will also go perfectly into fall and winter, and I can’t wait to do some special looks with these for holiday parties!
FYI - in response to some reviews, even my most expensive eyeshadows have fallout sometimes, especially with glittery shades. Just use eyeshadow shields or use under-eye masks if you are using shades you’ve noticed have fallout, then do foundation. :)

It was ehhhh

The pigmentation was not the best. The shimmers need fix+ or some other spray to help get anything to show up on the lid. I really like the colors in the palette, but I wish the quality was better. You get what you pay for.


I honestly love this pallet. I wasn't expecting much since it was so inexpensive, but I was impressed. The pigments blend well and they also build.


This palette is so beautiful and pigmented. The colors blend very well. Absolutely stunning. Definitely great quality. Just as good if not better than some of my high end palettes.