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Holiday Must-Haves Beauty Bundle Set

This 10 item set is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the holiday season. The Ultimate Holiday Beauty Kit includes makeup such as eye shadow and eyeliner, as well as lipstick and lip gloss. Try them all out and discover which ones go best together! Examine eye shadow palettes, blush, lip gloss, and other cosmetics in a rainbow of bright colors. Find your favorite colors or try something different every time! Makeup is absolutely non-toxic and safe to use. To apply evenly, use cosmetic brushes, sponges, and even a mirror! You can experiment with a variety of cosmetic techniques, from natural to dramatic, using this package, such as the wonderful shimmer shadows. Makeup is an art form, so try out new products and colors. Find out what you like!Β 

What's Included:
  1. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Festive Blend Makeup Sponge Duo (TOL00018)
  2. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Festive Glow Nourishing Multi Balm Stick (FHL00011)
  3. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Snow Angel Eyeshadow (ESD00021)
  4. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Icicle Eyeshadow (ESD00022)
  5. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Sugar Lip Scrub and Hydrating Lip Balm (LSM00006)
  6. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Twinkling Lights Powder Puff Set (FBZ00007)
  7. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Frosted Lip Gloss Set (LGS00018)
  8. Frosted Snow Sparkle | Festive Brows Defining Kit (EBW00011)
  9. Frosted Snow Sparkle | 7 PC Makeup Brush & Cleaning Mat Set (BRS00011)
  10. Frosted Snow Sparkle | 52 Shade Face & Eye Palette (MPT00009)