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Deluxe Pro Sponge Vault

Apply makeup quickly and easily with these pro makeup sponges!

  • Includes three oval sponge brushes for professional makeup application.
  • Sponges are compatible with liquid and cream cosmetics.
  • Full-size beauty sponge makes blending cosmetics a snap.
  • Miniature beauty sponge is ideal for perfecting small areas.
Are you shopping for professional makeup tools online that will allow you to perfect your look? If so, then the Deluxe Pro Sponge Vault from Profusion Cosmetics has you covered. This kit boasts three oval makeup sponges with easy-grip handles for smooth, even application of liquid and cream cosmetics. It also features two beauty sponges for effortless blending to achieve professional makeup application results effortlessly. Order your Profusion pro makeup sponge set today!

  • 1 Deluxe Pro Sponge Vault
  • 3 oval sponges (small, medium, large)
  • 2 beauty sponges (full-size and miniature)