July 09, 2018 1 min read

Hi there 👋 and greetings from the golden coast ☀️🌴

We’re so excited you’re here and that we’re officially launching our blog, Beauty PRO Edit. Before we get started, let us reintroduce ourselves -

Our approach to beauty is limitless color, style and professional quality cosmetics that are designed to inspire creativity among the next generation of makeup pros. We are passionate about the progression in the beauty industry and are here to inspire the aspiring artist. We encourage everyone to have fun with color, play as you learn, and gain confidence and skill at an honest price. We work towards global acceptance for all cosmetics lovers – regardless of gender, age or skill level. We want you to allow yourself to be a beginner; no one starts off a PRO.

With that said, Beauty PRO Edit is meant for everyone who wants to get the 411 on new items, trend styles, tutorials, beauty secrets and much more. You’ll also get an inside look into what inspires Team Profusion, so you’ll always stay ahead of the beauty game.

Our first Pro Tips:

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If you have any questions, tips you want to share, or blog posts you want to see – let us know!

We hope you love this space as much as we do and welcome to the Profusion Fam💛

Xo, Team Profusion

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