Nothing turns up the volume or pulls together your look quite like false lashes. Our unique and on-trend lashes sets are a low-commitment way to allow you to explore the latest styles. All of our professional-quality faux lashes are comfortable, cruelty-free and designed for all-day wear.

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Whether they are mink or magnetic, natural or bold, come separate or in a set, the best false eyelashes all have key characteristics in common. They must be made from high-quality materials, be easy to apply and comfortable to wear and, most importantly, they have to amplify your eyes and your look. Profusion lashes check all of those boxesβ€”and then some. Our faux lashes come in all of your favorite styles from wispy to full glam, natural to wild. Our magnetic false lashes are lightweight, simple to apply and easy to wear. Our faux mink eyelashes are affordable, handmade and designed to be universally flattering. No longer are you limited to a certain type or style of false lashes β€” with our affordable lashes you really can have it all.