Jurassic Park | 10,000 Volts Faux Mink Lash Set

The gates cannot be opened when the fence is armed with these 3-pair faux mink magnetic lashes. With a lightweight flexible band for all-day comfort wear, this set includes unique and on-trend lash styles as well as a high voltage magnetic lash liner adhesive that will secure your lashes for an all-day adventure at Jurassic Park. Don't worry - no dinos were harmed in the making of these vegan and cruelty-free lashes. 


• Cruelty-free and vegan magnetic lashes
• Comfortable band that is easy to apply and remove
• Long wearing and pigmented black magnetic liner
• Available in 3 styles and colorways
• Packaging inspired by the electric fence 


Product Dimension: 0.5x0.5x7


Prepare your natural lashes. Measure and trim. Apply adhesive. Placement with tweezers.Adjust the position of the lashes as needed to ensure they sit comfortably and align with your natural lash line. Gently press down on the entire lash strip to secure it in place.