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Wouldn’t you love more sleep? Not having to hit snooze a billion times? Sounds familiar, right? If you have to wake up early because it takes you forever to get ready, find your belongings and head out the door in the morning – you’re not alone! You know something needs to change but you can’t wake up any earlier and going to sleep early is never an option (unless Netflix stops running 😱)… Not to worry, Profusion is here to help!

Here are 5 Profusion approved how-to's on ways to get the most out of your morning! 

1. Pick out your outfit the night before -

We know what you’re going to say, your outfit depends on your mood and the weather, duh. Buuuut you can always add/remove a jacket from your outfit in the morning. Plus, if you’re not stressed-out looking for clothes in the morning, then your mood won’t pummel! Nothing is set in stone, you can always pick something else in the morning but this way you have a backup ready. P.S. if you make an outfit flat-lay you also get a killer ootd Instagram post 😉

2. Figure out your breakfast - 

First, if you don’t eat breakfast you should – you’ll be surprised how much less you hate mornings once you have food in you aka energy. Second, if you don’t have groceries and you’re planning on picking something up, think about what/where you want to go and what you’re going to order- this will save you SO much time which you’d otherwise waste um-ing and ah-ing. If all else fails, put some cereal in a to-go cup and head on out.

3. Turn up the music - 

Pick a song or even a whole album that makes you super-duper happy and play it on repeat while you’re getting ready. Not a big music fan? Listen to your favorite audio book or an interesting podcast to get your brain warmed up – you’ll be so focused on listening to someone else speak (or sing), you can forget all about being tired! (thank us later😁).

4. Stop hitting snooze -

Believe it or not setting up multiple alarms makes you more tired rather than ensuring you wake up. Once you hit that snooze button, your body automatically adjusts to thinking the “snooze” sound is meant to be ignored or taken as a sign for more sleep 😴. Fear not, we’re not trying to make you quit your snooze relationship cold turkey – instead try setting less alarms in the morning. You’ll train your body to wake up because it won’t have backup alarms to save you from sleeping in. Also, start keeping your alarm further away than arms reach from your bed – this guarantees you have to get up to turn it off and once you’re up and out you have zero reasons to get back into bed. Btw, make sure your alarm is loud!

5. Pack your bag the night before - 

Last but not least – pack whatever you need for the coming day, the night before. Doing so will minimize rushing around and gives you time to do other things instead, like eating breakfast or doing your makeup! Whether or not you wear makeup or have any kind of beauty routine in the morning, it’s always better to have cosmetics products in one place; just in case. Try keeping your everyday essentials in a cosmetic bag so you know exactly where to head in the morning. If doing your makeup is essential, take out all the products you need the night before and place them in the order you use them. Or, if you’re highly skilled in doing your makeup on-the-go, put the products in a makeup bag and take them with you! P.S. do not just throw them in your handbag/ backpack etc. as things will break and smear and no one wants the inside of their bag/their belongings to look like a rainbow exploded inside it.


To streamline your morning, Team Profusion’s tip is to use all-in-one makeup products. Not only will this keep everything in one place, it’ll save you storage space AND keep your bag lighter if you decide to take things on-the-go. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything behind or losing that pesky eyeshadow brush. Lucky for you, we at Profusion had this awesome realization a while ago and have a selection of multi-use palettes and collections available to shop now. Here are some of our bestsellers!



Aka the peanut butter to your jelly. The Day Face Palette is perfectly sized to keep in your bag, locker, desk etc. with its sleek and durable tin case. Available in two stunning colorways: Day and Glam, each tin includes four eyeshadows, two brow powders, a bronzer/blush and a highlighter which you can use to create a volume of looks. With two brushes and a mirror, this really is the all-in-one palette of your dreams.



Say hey to your new bestie! Forget the inconvenient makeup storage organizers and make room for the Treasure BoxEach Set Includes: 35 Eyeshadows, 1 Highlighter, 2 Blushes and 1 Contour Shade, a Black Eyeliner Pencil & a Pro Series Brush. All the colors and tools are stored in one convenient makeup box for you to keep on your dresser so you can save space and de-clutter!



This epic beauty book was designed for ultimate convenience with Pro Series brushes and multiple face products. With eyeshadows, bronzer, blush and brow powders plus more, always available to you, easily create day looks which can seamlessly turn into night looks. ________________________________________________________________


There you have it – 5 tips to help you achieve the best morning routine. Trust us, if you work on these how-to’s everyday you’ll create better morning habits that’ll last a lifetime. The decrease in stress will do wonders for your skin and mental health!


Be sure to visit our website to check out some of our other products. As an added bonus, we also created a Pinterest board filled with more awesome tips to get the most out of your morning.

Let us know in the comments if you tried any of these ideas and if they helped ❤️


Xo, Team Profusion 




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