October 05, 2018 2 min read

Hi Fam! 👋

We’re so excited because today we get to share with your our first "how-to" on one of our favorite looks. You know, that "red lip, classic thing that never goes out of style" 😉 A.K.A. -

The Classic Glam Look

From a flawless complexion to an iconic red lip, this look is perfect for any occasion. With the help of our resident Pro MUA and Creative Director, Jackie Su, you'll be able to create this look in just ten simple steps!

All the makeup featured in this tutorial is from our summer collection and can be found here.

Now get ready to follow along this full face, "step-by-step" guide on this iconic look!


Products Used - (Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, Liquid Eyeliner from the Eyes Kit, Brows Kit - Light to Medium)

STEP #1: Using the Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, lightly apply and blend the shades 'FLY' and 'DOLL' onto the crease. Start at the outer edge of the crease to create definition and then sweep inwards for a soft, blended finish. 


STEP #2: Pack the shade ‘DISCREET’ onto the inner lid and create a slight cut crease. Focus on the inner third of where the color should be deeper and then blend outwards. 
STEP #3: Take the shade ‘PROUD’ and apply it to the outer corner of the eye and the bottom lash line. Lightly blend outwards to enhance the smoky effect and blend until all harsh lines are blurred and the colors softly diffuse around the edges of the eye.
Step 4: Line the top lash line from the inner to outer corner of the eye with the Liquid Eyeliner Pen.


Step 5: Now it’s time to fill in those brows! Start by using the eyebrow pencil from the Brows Kit (Light to Medium) to shape and fill in and/or intensify any sparse areas. Start light and deepen the color towards the end, for a natural-looking finish.
Step 6: Apply mascara to your eyelashes for a fluttery finish!


Products Used - (Luminizer I and Blush & Glow II)
STEP #7: Using the Luminizer I Palette, lightly sweep ‘Lightning’ and ‘Heartfelt’ to all the high points of the face (tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.)
STEP #8: Using the Blush & Glow II Palette, lightly sweep the shade ‘Love Joy’ onto the tops of the cheekbones and blend upwards for a natural, flushed-from-.within glow.


Products Used - (Lips-To-Go Kit in the shade 'Passion')
STEP #9: The final touch to this look is a classic red lip 💋 Start by lining the lips with the lip liner from the Lips-To-Go Kit and feathering inwards.


STEP #10: Fill in the lips with the Matte Lip Creme and then let it dry.


And voilà! That’s it! How easy was that? We can't wait to see you re-create this look or something glamorous of your own 😉

Let us know how much you loved this look in the comments below and any other look you'd like to see in a future post. 

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Xo, Team Profusion 




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