Hi Fam, 

We've grown up and glowed up alongside so many of you, and we're so thankful to be on this journey together! This July marks Profusion's 20th year and to commemorate such a special anniversary we have something very sparkly for you all! ✨✨✨✨


Say hello to our first ever limited edition 20th anniversary glitter palettes!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

These glitter palettes are a first for Profusion and are must-have add to your beauty collection. Each palette contains a curated array of buttery smooth, pressed glitters hues with a high-intensity payoff. These are available in two colorways (Rose & Gold) for $10 each or a discounted option for the set 🙌🙌 



An a array of cool silvers and pops of pinks, blues and colorful hues that will give any look that extra finishing touch 😉

(From Left to Right: Extravaganza, Applause, Sequin, Stardust, Socialite, OMG, Speech, Happy Hour, Boujee) 



An array of neutral and warm bronzes to decadent golds and captivating edgy hues that will take your look to the next level 😏

(From Left to Right: Prosecco, Stardust, Infatuated, Goddess, Cheers, 1999, Dance, Boom, Eccentric)


Sparkle is our favorite color and there is so much sparkle, shine, glitz and glam going on with these palettes! We laaaaavvvvvvvv itttt sooo much!!! 

We had so much fun developing these palettes and we hope you love it as much as we do. We’re so appreciative of all the feedback and support we've received throughout the years and appreciate every single one of you! 💛 


Make sure to also share your look with us by using #profusioncosmetics for a chance to be featured on our social media channels 📸 We can't wait to see all your post and hauls soon!


Now go on and sparkle on over to our website and get your palette today!✨


Xo, Team Profusion




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Profusion Newbies - Mirage Palette

Profusion Newbies - Mirage Palette

Profusion X Beautycon LA

Profusion X Beautycon LA


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